A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

You are the priestess of the shrine, you wear an amanita pattern skirt and fight against like stuff and then a boss with your auto fire on proximity bullets and melee rod.

it's kind of a bullet hell? but you level up so it's an rpg? made for the amazing 

Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam


thanks for playing !

ask me for the skirt fragment shader. made in Godot 2.1.4


arrow keys or wasd or joystick or mouse drag/touchscreen to move

shift or k or z or button 1(joystick) for slow

1 to 6 to change the number of folds of the skirt

goal: avoid bullets, kill enemies to reach level 7 and spawn final boss

Install instructions

just execute on windows.

chmod +x amanita-shrine on linux

mail it to yourself and install it with insecure packages in android or however you want to get it there


amanita-shrine.exe 17 MB
amanita-shrine 26 MB
amanita-shrine.apk 8 MB